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Friday, July 2, 2010

Furry Fashionista

William Wegman is an artist notably known for his fanciful photographs of Weimaraners as his muses. Art and dog enthusiasts alike embraced these photogenic canines who also appeared in Sesame Street and SNL segments. The images above are from Wegman's "Fashion Photographs" book which captures these dogs during the 90s in delightful designer duds. My personal favorite is the one in the leopard print bikini (now who can resist that?!) As a tribute to Wegman's artistic acumen, here are photos of my own personal muse "Manolo" sporting Marc Jacobs heels, grey suede belt (as collar) by H&M and silver chain necklace from Wasteland. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


thequietingmuses said...

Too cute :)

MMM said...

ahah great and funny pics!!
lovely blog too=)
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Kristine said...

Haha, so funny! I love it.

Two Girls, One Closet said...

LOL thaats cute.

check out, we're new:)

Kate said...

oh goodness, i'm in love with your weimaraner and William Wegman's photos! thank you for introducing me to his work!

thank you for the comments on my blog, too. i hope you'll visit again soon!
-kate of

Blue Bee Style said...

I always loved those dogs! Have you ever seen any of the short films? So cute! There is a Christmas one that is just amazing. Like your blog!